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From America via Europe and Africa to Asia and back, we are a global start-up, and on our way to becoming a worldwide online Language Academy. Still looking for staff in Australia, Antarctica and Greenland. If you’d like to join us, please contact @unualibro on Telegram.

Users joining

30 June 2019 35users
31 July 2019 2000users
10 August 2019 3370users
29 September 2019 6300users




Project manager in training development for 15 years

micg 2


Linguist and certified translator with a penchant for complex grammar

adil 2


Native Arabic and French teacher and experienced online tutor

george 2


Educational adviser and language groups expert

How it all began – why did we start Learning Creators?

The truth is, we all met only a few months ago. On the internet, obviously, and with the intention of just improving our language skills. French, English, German … what we had learned at school and almost forgotten since graduating. We were happy to find a match for our target languages in one of those countless language exchange groups and chats. Because, you know, not everyone is lucky enough to find a native speaker to regularly chat with.

So there we were, trying to teach each other new words, funny expressions and even some grammar. Toni from Romania, Michaela from Germany, Adil from Morocco, and George from Ghana. But soon we realised we had something more in common than just target languages. We were all quite fed up with what the internet had to offer when it came to learning and practising a language online.

Therefore we decided to have a go at creating a virtual learning environment that includes the best of both worlds: native teachers and real time lessons on the one side, educational app-like bots and automatic exercises on the other side. And this brought us to Telegram, because it’s the only place that allowed us to set up just what we had in mind.

A new idea: an online Language Academy on Telegram

Obviously it wasn’t the smoothest of starts. To begin with, we had to find the best way to teach in this format, and then tailor the training bots for our newly created community. Additionally, and most importantly, it took us some time to find more people as enthusiastic about this idea as us.

But our community has grown faster than we would have dared to imagine when we started. Dozens of users join us every day, we’re able to add new languages to our language group family every week … And there is so much activity in the groups that we keep creating new learning tools to increase the fun. Because more fun in the language groups equals a better learning progress.

Thank you to each and every learner out there who is already part of this amazing experience. We promise that there is still a lot to come!

Learning Creators' Manifesto: What is our aim?

In today’s world, language learning has become an increasingly isolated activity. In front of a phone or computer, interacting with nothing more than a screen and a motivational animal, at best. But isn’t it so much more fun to interact with real people than with machines? Learning and laughing together, asking questions and celebrating success together? Discussing difficulties, sharing doubts and motivating each other?

We firmly believe that we are not meant to learn on our own, no: we were made to help each other. Let us share knowledge and skills, and let us make strangers from all over the world become our friends, friends who don’t care about your race, gender, sexual orientation or political views.

Learning a new language means acquiring a new way to look at the world. It is so much more than just studying grammar and vocabulary, and therefore we should never limit our learning to the place, system or country we live in.  Let us not leave our education in the hands of tyrants, kleptocratists, machines or corporations.

Let’s take things into our own hands, and let’s learn together. Let machines be what they are supposed to be: supporting tools. Let’s remain human.

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