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Our Telegram language groups are your key to finally becoming fluent. When you learn foreign languages, do you want it to be fun? Are you looking for short, daily lessons and real teachers in active language groups? Moreover, are you tired of studying alone? And would you like to meet other learners and interact with native speakers?

Then join us! In our online language groups, you will find everything you need – and much more! All in one place, because we know what it takes to learn a language online: compact lessons with feedback from teachers, lots of fun tools to learn new words and practice your skills, and above all, active chat rooms.

All our online language clubs are moderated by native speakers and are live around the clock. In other words, you are welcome anytime.

The Best Telegram Language Groups for every level

  • Learn foreign languages from scratch! We have plenty of courses for beginners.
  • Practice and improve your target language! We have daily exercises for advanced learners.
  • Learn all the languages you have always wanted to learn! Our groups are completely free for everyone.

More than 4,000 people from all over the world are already part of our community because they know that this is the best place to learn. So what are you waiting for? Check out our list of online language clubs and join our Telegram groups today!

All you need is the free Telegram App on your phone, tablet or computer; find it here on Google Play or in the Apple Store. Welcome to the city that never sleeps!

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learn amharic with native teacher in Telegram

Amharic online language group

Learn Amharic on Telegram! Join Learning Creators’ Telegram group to learn and practice this fascinating language online. Native speakers in the group will teach you the official language of Ethiopia.

As of today, Amharic has over 20 million native speakers. Therefore, it is the most widely spoken language in the Horn of Africa. Practice its unique writing system in our spelling exercises, and most importantly, learn grammar and vocabulary with ease in our live sessions.

Meet our Telegram community of Amharic learners, so you won’t have to study alone anymore. Interact with native speakers and take part in fun exercises, because we know what you are looking for when learning foreign languages. እንኳን ወደ ቡድናችን በደህና መጣቹ!

Arabic online language group

Join the best Arabic language group on Telegram! Study Modern Standard Arabic in our online group and become fluent in one of the most important languages on the planet. The only place on Telegram with native Arabic teachers and lessons!

Did you know that Arabic is the official language of 26 states, and moreover, the mother tongue to 210 million people?

It does not have to be difficult and boring to learn foreign languages. Even an allegedly difficult language like Arabic is fun to learn with us. That’s why we have created unique tools for practicing the language, in addition to regular Arabic lessons. So try our groups and see for yourself! Welcome to our Arabic group!

Arabic welcome

learn arabic online language group in Telegram
learn bahasa online language group in Telegram

Azeri online language group

Learn Azerbaijani on Telegram! Meet fellow Azeri language learners and native speakers in our online group. The best place on Telegram to learn and practice the language of Azerbaijan, all in one group!

With over 20 million native speakers, Azeri is the official language of Azerbaijan as well as the mother tongue to important populations in Iran, Russia and several other countries.

Join us to practice what you have already learned. Or start from scratch, because of course we have courses for beginners. First, regular lessons on grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and spelling will get you started. And then, constant exercises supported by bots will help you to practice your skills in Azeri. Join us! Bizim qrupa xoş gəldiniz!

Bahasa online language group

Join our Telegram language group for Indonesian, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world! We have the perfect Telegram group for beginners and advanced speakers, with lessons and exercises.

Bahasa Indonesia is allegedly one of the easiest to learn languages, so come and see for yourself. Study grammar and vocabulary in short but effective lessons. In addition, practice your skills in fun exercises supported by bots that we have designed specifically to help you learn foreign languages. Chat with native teachers and, moreover, ask all the questions you haven’t found an answer to anywhere else. We are here to make your learning so much easier and entertaining. Join one of our most active Telegram Language Groups! Selamat datang di grup kami!

learn bahasa online language group in Telegram
learn Chinese free with Telegram

Chinese online language group

Join our Chinese group to learn the most spoken language in the world by number of native speakers! You can start from scratch with us, because we will teach you the basics of both Chinese characters and pinyin.

It can be hard to learn foreign languages with a different writing system, but our approach will make it so much easier for you: firstly, short, precise lessons and entertaining exercises will help you get started or practice your advanced Chinese skills. Secondly, teachers and native speakers are always around to answer your questions. Thirdly, you will be able to meet other learners and share your knowledge or just chat in Chinese. 欢迎加入我们的群!

English online language group

Join our English language group on Telegram! Learning Creators has set up the best group to learn and practice this language on Telegram.

No matter if you want to learn the basics of English grammar or are interested in practicing your advanced skills – this is the right place for you! Become finally confident while speaking the global lingua franca through daily practice with us.

Polish your vocabulary and pronunciation in our fun exercises, and improve your spelling. Above all, meet fellow learners and talk to native speakers. Learn something new every day in one of our quick lessons, and ask any question you might have. Welcome to our group!

learn english online language group in Telegram
learn french online language group in Telegram

French online language group

Join our French language group! Native speakers will teach you the official language of 29 countries worldwide and practice with you. Chat with other learners and have all your questions answered. At the same time, enhance your vocabulary in motivating quizzes, because we know how boring studying new vocabulary can be when learning foreign languages.

Follow our short live lessons on grammar and practice pronunciation and spelling with our language learning bots. Start from zero or join the advanced learners’ discussion. Bienvenue dans notre groupe!

German online language group

Learn German in our Telegram group! Practice with us one of the major languages of the world, mother tongue to almost 100 million people and, furthermore, (co-)official language of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, as well as other countries. Learn the basics of German grammar in our short live lessons, and practice, for instance, the trickiest cases and declensions with native speakers and fellow learners.

Do you have questions about syntax and vocabulary, or would you just like to practice your pronunciation with native speakers? Then join us, because learning in groups is so much more fun. Willkommen in unserer Gruppe!

learn german online language group in Telegram
learn Hindi online language group in Telegram

Hindi online language group

Learn Hindi online with us, because we have created the best place to learn the fourth most-spoken first language in the word. Start by studying the Devanagari script with us, while native speakers teach you the correct pronunciation and spelling.

Follow the live sessions, and moreover, take part in the exercises to practice what you have learned. Improve your knowledge of Hindi grammar, or ask all questions for our teachers to answer them. In the meanwhile, our bot exercises will keep your learning entertaining and efficient. Join us, so you can get to know our unique approach at teaching foreign languages and improve the target languages of your choice. हमारे टेलीग्राम समूह में शामिल हों और हिंदी सीखें!

Italian online language group

Learn Italiano with us! Join our learning club, so you can learn Italian from scratch in live lessons with experienced teachers. Or practice your advanced skills in exercises tailored for higher levels and conversations with native speakers. Our groups will make your learning fun, because we know how to keep even challenging topics entertaining. Learning new vocabulary does not have to be boring.

Be a part of our group activities and solve exercises on pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling and grammar together with fellow learners. Welcome to one of our most active Telegram Language Groups. Benvenuti nel nostro gruppo!

learn italian online language group in Telegram
learn Persian online language group in Telegram

Persian online language group

Join our Persian online language group! Learn this Western Iranian language, also known as Farsi, from native speakers. Persian is the predominant and official language of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, which makes it the mother tongue to 70 million people.

With us you can start learning from zero, because we are going to teach you the Persian alphabet first. Or are you already an advanced speaker? Then join us to solve higher level exercises and interact with native speakers to practice your skills. Our bot exercises cover all aspects: pronunciation, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Welcome to our group!

Welcome to the group!

Portuguese online language group

Join our Portuguese language group on Telegram, and learn the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, and other countries! Follow our live lessons, and learn new words in our vocabulary games. Above all, practice your skills with fellow learners and native speakers.

Educational bots specifically designed for language learning will help you improve your pronunciation, spelling and expression, so you can learn something new every day. Even if you are already an advanced learner, we have plenty of useful tools for you. Join us to improve your Portuguese, because we know that learning is most efficient when it’s fun. Bem-vindo ao nosso grupo!

learn Portuguese online language group in Telegram
learn Romanian online language group in Telegram

Romanian online language group

Join us to learn Romanian! Native vampires will show you the language of Dracula, gypsies, stray dogs and … no, wait, we’re just kidding. But anyway, learning with us is fun, so click on the link and see for yourself. Native Romanian speakers  teach you this Eastern Romance language, which has official status in both Romania and Moldova. It is the mother tongue to over 20 million people, and one of the official languages of the European Union. Follow our live lessons and take part in the bot-powered exercises to improve your pronunciation, spelling and grammar skills. You will be fluent enough in no time! Or let’s say, at least fluent enough to beg for your life should you ever meet a vampire … Bine ați venit!

Russian online language group

Learn Russian in our Telegram language group! Join us to learn and practice the native language of 150 million speakers in the Russian Federation, Belarus, and other countries. Our teachers are native speakers who give regular lessons in the group and practice the language with you, so you can become fluent in no time.

Take part in the different exercises to improve your pronunciation, spelling skills, grammar knowledge and vocabulary! We have designed educational bots specialised in supporting language learning, because we know that your learning should be fun and efficient at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Добро пожаловать в нашу группу!

learn Russian online language group in Telegram
learn Somali in Telegram

Somali online language group

Join our Somali language group! Native speakers will teach you this Afroasiatic language, which is the official language of Somalia. Somali is written with the Latin alphabet, and, in addition to that, it is the mother tongue to 16 million speakers.

Our teachers will take you through a beginners’ course in varied live lessons and help you practice your skills in exercises powered by educational bots. The native speakers in our groups are always ready to help you with whatever questions on grammar, pronunciation or typical expressions might arise. Become fluent in Somali with us. Ku soo dhowoow kooxdena si gacmo furan!

Swahili online language group

Learn Swahili in our online language group on Telegram! We will teach you the lingua franca of the African Great Lakes region in a fun and efficient way. Regular lessons given by native teachers will help you learn the basics of Swahili grammar and vocabulary. And between lessons, you can practice all you’ve learned or already know in bot-powered exercises. Meet fellow Swahili learners, because for sure you don’t want to learn on your own! Compete with them for first place in our vocabulary game, and join the pronunciation challenges. In addition to that, if you have any questions, native speakers are ready to help you out. Karibu katika kikundi chetu!

Best site for Swahili
Best telegram language group for Turkish

Turkish online language group

Learn Turkish with us! Join our group to learn the most widely spoken Turkic language, mother tongue to over 70 million people in Southeast Europe and Western Asia. Our native teachers will give you lessons on everyday vocabulary and expressions, as well as happily let you in on the powers of agglutination. Start learning Turkish from scratch by following our lessons for beginners, or practice your skills with fellow learners and native teachers. Take part in the exercises to improve your Turkish, no matter if you’re a beginner, an advanced learner, or even already an expert. Grubumuza Hoşgeldiniz!

Ukrainian online language group

Join our Ukrainian language group on Telegram, and learn with us the official state language of Ukraine! Native speakers will teach you the mother tongue of 35 million people in short live lessons and diversified exercises. You can start from scratch, because we will even teach you the cyrillic alphabet before starting.

And if you already speak and write decent Ukrainian, join us for fun exercises and practice, because in our group you will find daily vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling exercises powered by educational bots for your level of language proficiency. Ласкаво просимо до нашої групи!

Best telegram language group for Ukrainian

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